LabNewEngland was founded in 1997 by Paul J. Collins as a regional supplier of scientific products for the New England region of the United States of America.  Since then, while the New England focus remains, LabNewEngland serves currently laboratories across the US, Canada and Europe.  Our clients perform life science research in academic and industrial venues.
LabNewEngland differentiates itself to its end-user customers by providing an ongoing face to face relationship with the scientists.  The scientist customer is engaged on a technical and personal level so that LabNewEngland can solve customer problems and thus become a resource to the scientist, rather than just a catalog.  This personalized, technically competent relationship between the end user scientist and LabNewEngland leads to information and ideas back to the original manufacturer partners, which often leads to new and improved product ideas.
LabNewEngland conducts business by employing the following guiding principles.  We build the business by focusing on existing customers rather than the hit and run rule needed in some capital equipment companies.  We attempt to establish relationships with the people in the lab.  We visit them often for short periods.
We believe that this personalized focus can play an increasingly important role in the distribution and sale of scientific products in the years to come.  LabNewEngland has a core group of products and manufacturing partners. We will add product lines when there is product synergy and a opportunity for a strong business partnership with the manufacturer.
Sales and Business Philosophy

LabNewEngland’s sales and business philosophy is based on the following principles.  They are:

  1. Build the business up from existing customers rather than the hit and run approach.
  2. Establish relationships with the people in the lab.  Visit them often for short periods.  Provide service and solve problems throughout the relationship.
  3. LabNewEngland’s goal is to establish long-term relationships with a small but highly experienced group of people who know the market and share our values.  We value the trust given to us by our customers and corporate partners and keeping their needs foremost is a key to a healthy business in the long term.
  4. The business plan calls for limited, but synergistic product lines targeted to the same customer group.
  5. Never oversell anyone and always follow up with commitments.